What I Wanna Do When I Grow Up

Jonathan House

Mission Statement:

Bringing healing to the same-sex attracted community through Christ-centered community.

Vision Statement:

Through the use of healthy community centered on Christ, bring healing and hope for those unhappy in the homosexual lifestyle in a judgment-free, empowering environment.

Jonathan House’s Healing Community:

  • Apartments similar to student housing
    • Licensed Professional counselors for each building and mentors for each floor.
      • Counselors will be on staff and will not charge for services, this will be included in the cost of residency.
      • Counselors and mentors will be the primary agents of healing for residents and will be critical to healing.
    • Prayer Chapels for personal reflection and prayer available 24/7.
      • With roommates, jobs, small groups, etc. time spent alone in one’s “Prayer Closet” would be at a premium. This time would be facilitated by small prayer chapels equipped with worship music, bibles, commentaries, etc.
    • Troubled situation rescue for teens in abusive or overly-legalistic homes.
      • Offered as a means of healing to the parents and a means of escape for the teens.
    • Quarantine period in separate housing for newcomers until they’ve shown a true desire to heal.
      • While there’s always a risk of sexual intercourse between residents, those committed to healing will learn to understand and embrace the needs underlying SSA, those who aren’t won’t. Those who continuously exhibit an unwillingness to join the efforts of the community will be asked to leave.
    • Alcohol prohibited in residency halls and residents are asked not to drink. Smoking, while not forbidden is not permitted in dorms simply due to potential damage and quit smoking programs will be available.
      • Alcohol can damage one’s judgment and isn’t conducive to healing as wounds are glossed over with alcohol. While no moral judgment is made regarding the substance, it’s not beneficial to residents – especially those coming to the community for substance abuse issues.
    • Roommates would be OSA individuals seeking healing from other issues (e.g. mild drug addiction [the facility would not be equipped to deal with Heroin or other hard drugs], pornography abuse, love addiction, co-dependency, etc.).
      • Residents will be able to help someone else with their struggles and see that we all experience wounds in our lives. OSA roommates who are struggling with other issues provide a unique type of individual – a broken one. There’s no pride, there’s no haughtiness because life has torn it from them in one way or another and they need healing just as much as the men they’ll be rooming with. It helps SSA men have fellowship and really get to know men at their lowest point. It allows the individual struggling with substance abuse or other compulsive behaviors pour into the life of another human being and the SSA individual to do the same. It’s the cornerstone of the community.

  • Healing Community Life:
    • Chapel as integral part of residency with sound doctrine full of God’s glory and Sovereign Unconditional grace.
      • Attendance would not be required. This is not a pray-away-the-gay camp, it is a place for personal healing and while we’d like Christ to be part of that healing we’re not going to force Him on anyone. But those who join chapel services will be taught about the glory of God and will be shown the unconditionally of God’s sovereign grace.
    • Small groups modeled after the 12-step program.
      • Very effective tools. These groups will bridge buildings and groups together. Men will meet to share their struggles for the week and experience hope in the fellowship of one another. They’ll know that they’re not the only ones who struggle in the same way.
    • Gym and other physical activities provided on site.
      • Exercise is good for the body and soul and there will be opportunity for residents to enjoy it.
    • Arts encouraged for those who wish to develop their talents.
      • The objective of residency isn’t to change who people are, but rather allow them to be who God made them to be. If that’s a great artist, tailor, or designer then we shouldn’t discourage that. Many SSA men were ostracized by the male community for their tendency toward the artistic residents will find a place of acceptance and healing.
    • Hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.
      • Residents will be able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation together.
    • Sports teams to provide a means of healing wounds suffered for insufficiency in sporting activities.
      • Many SSA men have been made to feel as other when in sports environments. Teams made up of mentors and residents will provide an opportunity for healing.
    • Specialty groups for those needing holding therapy or other forms of tactile therapy.
      • Men, especially men with high same-sex needs, need holding and physical bonding. Facilitating this in a healthy environment will meet the needs SSA men have.
    • A community built around time, touch, and talk.
      • A community of men built on the principle that we all have worth and we’re all part of this thing. Spending time with one another talking and touching (healthily) bonds residents and allows for healing.

  • Outside Community Effort:
    • Local employers would be solicited to provide employment for those relocating to community.
      • This isn’t a boarding school or a vacation home; it’s a place for people to relocate for a while to reap the benefits of the community. Those who wish to have jobs will have it, to the best of the residential community’s ability, facilitated.
    • Education for pastors of residents and their congregations on what SSA is and isn’t.
      • “Get that thar demon otta that thar queer!” No more.
    • Establish a network of churches with strong mentorship/small group programs available.
      • Church communities need to know, it takes a whole community to make a healthy human being.
    • Continued support through Skype, Email, and other forms of electronic communication.
      • Residents will eventually move on, but the support doesn’t end. Every day is another day in the healing journey and it’s up to the residential staff to facilitate that continued growth.
    • Referral program for those who do not wish to continue the healing journey and wish to pursue a homosexual lifestyle. These would be “Faith-Based” organizations to at least keep them in touch with Christ in some way.
      • While this is only used as a last resort for those who have shown that they’re unwilling to or unable to due to serious, repeated, offence continue to reside in the community a referral program will be established to allow those residents to find the help they need to go the direction they’d like to go.

About Aaron

I'm a 23 year old student at Asbury University and have been blessed to enjoy God's glorious grace. I'm working on a degree in Bible/Theology at Asbury and will then move on to Asbury Seminary where I will complete my M.Div as part of my preparation for ministry.
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